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Debrief solves future of work challenges with our asynchronous video communication platform. Using Debrief’s AI-powered transcription and search, a company can catalog all of their recordings and quickly find the right information. As companies transition to a hybrid workspace, they will require tools like Debrief to keep their organization aligned and support remote and distributed workforces.

We are hiring our first full-time engineer to work alongside the two founders (ex-Amazon lead engineers). You will have a massive impact on the product and company as we scale and solve the future of work challenges. Our challenges are across the stack from the infrastructure layer to the desktop application so we are looking for someone who’s comfortable working across the stack. Even if you’re not fully familiar with all technologies you should be excited and ready to learn and grow into them.

Job Responsibilities
  • Be able to take product requirements and build systems and frameworks quickly.
  • Work collaboratively with our founders on brainstorming, problem solving, and writing code.
  • Take ownership of large parts of the system (backend and frontend). This involves designing, building, and maintaining.
  • Be prepared to change solutions quickly as customer requirements evolve.
  • Help to grow the team by interviewing and hiring new engineers.
Qualifications and Skills

Our codebase is written in Golang on the backend, Typescript for web, and Swift for our native mac desktop app. Familiarity or expertise in two out of three of these technologies is preferred but not required.

This role has the ability to grow with the company. While this is an IC role today, it could evolve into management, senior management, or an executive position as the company scales. We are looking for people who are ambitious for the future but ready to roll up their sleeves today.

Education and Experience Requirements

We have no formal requirements for education and experience, however it’s very important to be comfortable with the following:

  • Working on a software team
  • Basic project management skills (ticket tracking, time estimation.)
  • Time management
  • Problem solving (taking more complex problems and breaking them down into smaller ones to solve)
  • Familiarity in at least two of three of Golang, Typescript, Swift.

We are a remote friendly company, however our team currently lives in San Francisco. We would like to work within three time zones of you.

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