Talk less, say more

Communicate using recorded video instead of Slack messages or Zoom calls

Getting started is so much easier than Drift and Loom!
Haylee Taylor, Clozeloop
Debrief helps me communicate effectively with my clients
Jordan Crawford, Scout
Debrief replaces my hour pricing meeting with a 7 minute video
Sean Kelly, Velawcity

Debrief unlocks asynchronous communication for your team

Your team spends countless hours in meetings and 60% of them feel useless. These meetings are synchronous because everyone has to be available at the same time.

Collaborate across timezones

Don't you hate staying up until midnight to have a quick sync with the team across the globe? Debrief empowers you to send them a video and collaborate on it during the day time. No more late night coffee chugging!
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Communicate ideas visually

Writing is hard for everyone. Getting a clear and concise idea on paper can take ten times as long as visually communicating ideas. Save yourself the headache of writing a document and record a Debrief instead!
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Save your business time and money

Your team is wasting time in meetings. Upwards of 60% of meetings are wasteful. Instead of scheduling another check-in, use Debrief to communicate the information and collaborate on your own time.
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Record, transcribe, and share with ease

Record a video of your desktop and your face at the same time. Share it with your internally with your team and externally with your clients and customers. Debrief automatically transcribes your voice so your video will have a transcript and subtitles for free!

Record and share videos with ease
With only one click, you can record your desktop and face camera. Videos are available instantly in the cloud to share and collaborate.
Automatic transcription in 5 languages
Debrief transcribes (speech to text) in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese!

Level up your productivity

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