All your team's recordings in one place

Convert your recordings into transcribable, searchable, and easy to browse content so everyone stays aligned.
Backed by some of the world's best investors, Debrief is on a mission to help teams organize and share knowledge.

Instantly find the right information within your recordings

Automatically upload and organize your team's recordings in one central place, making it accessible and searchable to the right teams at anytime.

Get more from your recordings

Instant Transcription. Transcribe live video and audio files to collaborate on recorded meetings.

Share the moments that matter. Create and share clips of important moments from your meetings.

Some Features You’ll Love

Easily find the right information within your recordings.
Chapter Markers
On-Demand Viewing
Searchable Transcripts
Video and Audio Tags
Comments & Mentions
Instant video clips

Who's Debrief For?

Debrief is ideal for distributed teams who rely on technology to communicate and keep everybody aligned on what matters.

Fewer Meetings, More Output

Debrief allows engineering leaders to communicate important updates to the team without interfering with teammate's peak productive hours.

Better Design Reviews

Debrief helps design teams stay aligned during the entire design process by making it easy for stakeholders to review and provide feedback.

Unique Onboarding Experience

Debrief enables organizations to create scalable onboarding experiences for hybrid teams, enabling every team member to get up and running with ease.

Automated Written Content

Debrief automatically transcribes your customers interviews, enabling you to easily convert audio and video files into written content.

Continuous Sales Training

Debrief helps sales leaders coach their teams, manage their pipeline and easily relay prospects informations to other teams across the organization.

The Recording Repository
for Teams

Teams organizes, transcribes, collaborate and share recordings on Debrief