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Transcript-powered Search
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Transcript-powered Search
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Debrief?
Debrief is a secure and collaborative video platform that enables teams to organize, transcribe, collaborate and share recordings.
Is Debrief right for me?
Debrief is ideal for distributed teams who rely on technology to communicate and keep everybody aligned on what matters.
How does Debrief fit into my workflow?
Debrief is already integrated with Zoom and Slack, simply connect Debrief to your respective account and your recordings will be automatically uploaded and transcribed. We have more integrations in the works, please reach to us at for questions about specific integrations.
How do I get started with Debrief?
Simply click on the Get Started button and follow the sign up flow. Debrief is better with teammates, once you're in, make sure to invite your team so everybody can benefit from it.
Have a specific question?
If you want to chat with us about your specific needs, we're here to help. Please send us an email at and one of our rockstar team member will reach out promptly.

All your team's recordings in one place

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